Foot Health

The feet experience more wear and tear in a lifetime than any other body part and reportedly are the most neglected part of the body. There is an abundance of evidence that foot problems can cause a great deal of pain and disability. Socrates is quoted as saying, “To him whose feet hurt, everything hurts.” Many surveys will confirm the prevalence of foot problems among Manitobans from the very young to very elderly. Although most people are born with healthy feet, as we grow older, three out of four Canadians will develop a foot problems that require medical attention.

With an aging demographic, health policy and public health issues concerning the quality of life and health care are becoming major considerations. Nursing foot care is an important component of total nursing care, which includes health promotion, client teaching, and promoting safety and comfort.

Foot care nurses receive education specific to the prevention, diagnosis and management of common foot conditions and are dedicated to improving the health and well-being for clients with chronic diseases and/or disabilities throughout their lives.

The following foot health fact sheets describe some of the more common foot problems, they symptoms, the cause and outline what you can do for it.